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A software program where local components and cloud-based components work collectively is cloud application. The cloud-based application tasks generally encompass order entry, customer relationship management (CRM), file storage, email and inventory management, file sharing, word processing, financial accounting, data collection, etc.

Benefits of cloud apps


Low Costs

A Cloud-based application is inexpensive to operate. The use of cloud application can easily help you to cut down the cost because most of the storage and processing power is remotely handled. You don’t have to take the headache of maintaining your servers or bearing the cost of supporting your application. You can subscribe to related Saas product which can also lower your licensing cost. Since the cost per head is low you can easily use the time and resources for developing the infrastructure of your business.


Easy Data Sharing And Security

Since cloud applications are not fixed to one single machine you can easily access the cloud application from a wide range of devices safely and securely.



You can easily access your data, folders, files, photos and videos from anywhere and at any point of any time in the cloud with the help of internet connection. As the application is accessible 24*7 it helps in maximizing the productivity as well as the efficiency of the organizations. As no hardware is required you can easily collaborate and share the information with different users in any location.


Resilience For Growth And Progress

As the cloud can be scalable across different systems so the organizations can easily increase or decrease the available resources as per their needs. This helps the companies to grow and progress much faster and in a smooth way.


Resilience For Growth And Progress

As the cloud can be scalable across different systems so the organizations can easily increase or decrease the available resources as per their needs. This helps the companies to grow and progress much faster and in a smooth way.

Why Aanandi TechnoSoft for cloud application development services

If you want to know the reason why you should hire the expert team members ofAanandi for cloud application development services then you should look at the points which are mentioned below:

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    We use the best technologies for cloud application development like G SUITE, Amazon web service, Apache Hadoop, Apache Cassandra, GOOGLE CLOUD PLATFORM, Microsoft Azure, HBase, etc. So you can rely on us to give you the best service.

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    We are a leading cloud application development company in India because we give the clients what we promise.

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    We work closely with every kind and size of business to give them the best service at an affordable price.

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    Our experts at Aanandi TechnoSoft, a cloud-based application development company in Chhattisgarh are reputed to offer the finest technology service such as customization, consulting, testing, development, support, etc.

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    Our experts will closely work with you to provide you with technical expertise in this field. Thus you can trust us to help you in reducing your expenses or cost.

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    We are a certified business partner of Google and Bing. We work with our clients to give them the best solution for their needs.

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    We blend the leading technology to transform the business and take it to a great height.

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    We are the best paas application development company in India cloud offering top paas application development services at a reasonable price range.

Our Services

Our team at Aanandi TechnoSoft, one of the top cloud application development companies in India works with the leading organizations and offer a wide range of development and management services such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

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Three Models or Categories of Cloud Service

Today with the growing competition in the market, the small and big business entrepreneurs are looking for the best ways in which they can progress and expands and that too without making much effort or wasting the resources (time and money).

The small and big companies are considering switching their companies to the cloud because they know that it will be easy for them to manage their work. From screenshots, GIFs, annotations to screen recordings and quick file sharing everything are possible with CloudApp for Windows. If you are also planning to switch your company to cloud, you need to understand the different models of cloud service and the benefits which your company can get.

There are mainly three models or categories of cloud service and that is Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). You need to understand all these things so that you can select the best for your company.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Saas is a kind of software distribution model. It makes use of the internet for delivering the application, which is managed or controlled by a third party for its users. While most of SaaS application functions over a web browser, there is no need to download or install. While most of SaaS application functions over the web browser, there is no need to download or install. Once it is done, the application is then made accessible for the customers.


When you can use Saas

Software as a Service (SaaS) can be used by the startup companies who want to launch their e-commerce website quickly but they have a shortage of time or facing some kind of technical issue For projects which needs east and fast plan of action but economically.

It can be used for application which requires mobile and web access, both.


Benefits of SaaS

There is no need for companies or firms to download or install the application on their computer or laptops. This helps to cut down the cost and lowers down hardware support and maintenance expenses.

Apart from this it also reduces expenses on software installation, licensing and support.

You don’t have to take the headache of purchasing and installing the software. Neither, you have to buy the hardware for supporting it. You can easily take the help of the experts and subscribe to a SaaS offering.

Saas also provide vertical scalability. This gives more option to the customers to access more service or lower it as per their need and demand.


The example of Saas is Google Apps, Dropbox, ZenDesk, BigCommerce, MailChimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, DocuSign and Slack, etc. So if you are looking for SaaS application Development Company in India for hosting the application then Aanandi TechnoSoft, the best cloud-based application development company in Chhattisgarh is always there at your service. We can easily manage all the technical problems such as middleware, servers and storage problems, data, etc. and support the organization in a much better way.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a service (PaaS) is a cloud computing offering which offers the users with a cloud environment for developing and managing the application. It provides a framework for developers so that they can easily build and use the applications. A third party will manage the servers, networking and storage.

The examples of PaaS are Windows Azure, Apache Stratos,, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, OpenShift, Heroku, Magento Commerce Cloud, etc.

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Benefits of using PaaS

It is a simple and cost-effective development and management of apps

It is scalable and highly available.

The users don’t have to take the stress to maintain the software.

The users can migrate to hybrid model easily.

Using Paas means that you will get a platform where you can develop, test and host applications.

Platform as a service (PaaS) makes it easy for the business owners to keep their focus on development and progress without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Different users can easily access it via the same development application


When to Use PaaS

Platform as a service (PaaS) is beneficial for those who want to create a customized application.

Platform as a service (PaaS) can also reduce cost.

It can make the workflow simple and easy when many developers are working at the same time and on the same development project.

It provides more speed and flexibility.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Cloud infrastructure services, known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), is a cloud-computing offering for managing and monitoring remote data centre infrastructures like storage, networking, and networking services

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Benefits of IaaS

It is the most flexible cloud computing model in comparison to Paas and Saas.

There is no hard or fast rule that you have to purchase the resources. You can purchase it as per your need and requirement.

It is highly scalable like Pass and Saas.

The clients have full control over their infrastructure.

The resources are easily available


When to Use Iaas

For the startup companies Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) is good. This will help them to eliminate the chance of spending money on purchasing the software and hardware. IaaS provides the flexibility and scalability for the startup companies The examples of IaaS are Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Cisco Metacloud, Linode, Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, and Google Compute Engine (GCE).

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    Selecting the best platform and programming language for your web application and software is a vital part for your brand. If you don’t have the idea about this, then we are here to help you out. You don’t have to worry because our professional team members who are reputed to offer cloud application development service in India will only use the right programming language for your mobile or web application like GFM Domain-specific, Python, RUBY, XML Data Language, SQL, Java, PHP, Erlang, C++.NET, C#, Go, R Math, Haskell, Clojure, HTML5, KOTLIN, etc.

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    The new kind of hosting which has become so much popular in the last few years is cloud hosting. The companies which are offering cloud hosting services are Egnyte, Kamatera, Google Cloud Platform, Verizon, Microsoft Azure, Dropbox, Oracle, Cloudways, Bytemark, Salesforce, VMware, IBM, DigitalOcean Rackspace, Adobe, Red Hat, HostGator, 1&1, IONOS, Navisite, and much more.

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    You can consult with the expert team members of Aanandi TechnoSoft, cloud application Development Company in Chhattisgarh and they will work to fulfill your requirements. We truly understand how difficult it is to advance from the web server-based system or traditional in-house to the Cloud. With us by your side, you can easily take the benefits by advancing your business to the cloud. You can easily beat your competitors in the long run and we will help you in doing that easily. Our expert team members will keep advising you about cloud planning, engineering and architecture which will be a great advantage for you and your business. With us by your side, you can easily save your time and money.

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